CGI Product photograph of Rothenberger pipe-cutter-with-mask

CGI product from CAD data

While delivering a job to our client John at I noticed a small item ‘growing’ on a 3d printer and naturally nosy I asked what it was.  John explained that it was a new pipe slice that he was rapidly developing for the German tool manufacturing company Rothenberger.

He mentioned that Rothenberger would need some product photography quickly as they had clients asking for images for the latest catalogues.  They also wanted to get this new product range to market as soon as possible.  I suggested that we may be able to create some photo real cgi images using CAD data. These images could be used for all marketing activity without having to wait for the product to be manufactured. John made a call to the team at Rothenberger UK and arranged a meeting where I explained how it all works.

A few days later I received CAD files from John’s team, together with product spec such as colour and materials. I did some test images and after receiving feedback regarding required angles, logo placement and image size, I moved on to producing a set of optimised images for online and print use.