Professional Headshots & Business Portraits

Absolute pleasure to work with!
I contacted Lee a few days ago to get some professional head shots taken for my business profiles. Lee was quick to respond. He came to my house with a pop up studio. Set it up in my lounge. He was professional, polite and knowledgeable about his craft. The photos he took were spot on and exactly what I was after. All at a very reasonable price. Flawless service. Thanks again Lee. All the best. Jack.

Jack Charman

Managing Director, National Private Investigators Ltd

Headshots/Business Portraits/LinkedIn Profiles

Professional headshots and business portraits are shot to convey confidence, approachability and professionalism. Your business presence is incredibly important and every professional needs a captivating image. I’ll work with you to create a professional headshot that captures you at your best.

Regardless of the size of your business, the image you choose to show should be carefully considered.  They can show confidence, trust, professionalism, consistency etc. 

We all know that trust is the foundation of successful business relationships. With a polished and professional headshot, you instantly establish credibility. It’s like a magic wand that showcases your attention to detail and signals to the world that you mean business. When potential clients or employers see your headshot, they’ll be impressed by your professionalism, giving you an edge over the competition.

We can shoot you and your team at your offices

I specialise in shooting portraits on location. I can bring the ‘studio’ to your office and photograph all of your staff. It’s an incredibly cost-effective and efficient way to capture your entire team with the minimum fuss and downtime. All that is required is a quiet area to set up a backdrop and lighting. After a short set-up time, we can run through at a pace that suits your business and staff.

Professional headshots strengthen your brand

Professional headshots aren’t just for actors. If you are online, getting a great headshot will help strengthen your personal brand and provide consistency across your social media chanels

Having an online presence used to be the norm for Actors, Models and Entertainers. Nowdays, most professionals are expected to have a strong personal brand and digital profile.

Commissioning a shoot can be daunting and it’s fair to say many people would rather a visit to the dentist than have a portrait shot.  I completely understand this and put a lot of effort into making the whole process as painless and stress free as possible.

It’s not always possible to get that killer image in a set time so I never book appointments back to back neither do I stick to strict appointment times. If we need to overun then that’s what we’ll do.  The most important thing is that you are happy with your headshot.

3 simple steps to great headshots


Get in touch to arrange a call back where we discuss your project.  During this call we can work out your specific requirements. Once I have an understanding of the scale, style and location I can provide a quote and book the shoot.


After setting up the ‘studio’ we take some test shots and offer coaching/advice for each person. During the shoot we review the images and make adjustments as necessary. This all very relaxed and stress free, the aim is to make sure everyone has a positive experience and is happy with their headshots.


Each person will receive PDF contact sheets of their headshots.  Once they have selected their preferred portrait(s), these are optimised, colour corrected and lightly retouched.  Final images are supplied in high, medium and low resolutions. These are usually in colour but can be in B&W or both.

Professional Headshots
Commercial Portrait of man at a desk
Headshots on coloured background
Headshot of smiling man
Executive-portrait of woman
Executive-portrait of woman
Executive-portrait of woman
Professional headshot
Professional headshot of Jack
Executive-portrait of man
Professional Headshot of businessman
Headshot of man

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