Commercial photographers | CGI product Photography

Commercial photographers | CGI product photography

Let me show you the most cost effective imaging solutions for your company

Commercial photography and CGI specialists

With over 27 years experience we appreciate it’s not always easy to determine the optimum and most cost effective way to commission photography.

For some subjects the best option may be traditional photography, for others it could be totally CGI, a third option is a fusion between the two. Regardless of the process, the most important factor is creating effective, high quality images on time and within budget.

The good news is that we can guide you to make the right imaging choices. In addition to a comprehensive traditional photographic service we offer post production/retouching and specialise in high quality, professional cgi solutions too.

Professional Images made easy.

Working with us is simple, just tell us what you want, how, and when.

We can help you with everything from the planning through to the final editing, post production, optimisation and delivery.

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CGI Roomsets

Today, room sets no longer need to be built; we can make photo-realistic environments that integrate seamlessly with your products. These CGI room sets can be created once and reused over and over. We can easily change wall and floor coverings, the lighting and the camera positions saving huge amounts in both time and money. Over time your unique library of rooms, furniture assets and materials can be quickly repurposed, making CGI cheaper the more you use it.

CGI room set of hotel bedroom
CGI product photograph of blue Beats headphones

CGI Product shots

It’s possible to produce CGI products shots before your product is even manufactured. This means you can create marketing collateral and start your marketing activity without waiting for physical products to be available to photograph.  We can work from your CAD data, technical drawings, photos or sketches.

CGI product photograph of chloe nail polish

The possibilities are endless, exciting and vast.

Get in touch via the contact form, and we can advise on the most effective solution for your next project.

Commercial Photography and CGI in Bedfordshire, Home Counties and London

Based thirty miles north of London, ideally positioned for easy coverage throughout Greater London, the Home Counties and the South East of England. Please get in touch to discuss commissions wherever you are based.