CGI product photograph of chloe nail polish
CGI product photograph of NovoPens

CGI Product Photography

In testing times, particularly now that the current Covid pandemic has accelerated online buying, marketing activity has to be considered carefully.   Many will agree that it’s important to continue with carefully costed marketing and advertising campaigns.  This can help build continued client confidence in readiness for economic recovery.

If you’ve not considered it before maybe now is the time to take a look at the benefits of computer generated images (CGI).

First, a caveat, not every product is a suitable candidate for CGI but many are. For example, while it’s possible to make 3d images of organic items such as designer handbags, clothing etc… it’s likely that the time and costs to do this would outweigh the benefits. In these cases, traditional photography is more appropriate.  However, for many products, CGI can be a viable, cost-effective solution.

What are the main benefits of computer-generated images?



CGI is cost-effective, especially if your products share the same or similar characteristics.  Imagine a range of nail polishes, each bottle is identical, the only changes are the contents and the labels. To change both would be very simple and far faster than traditional photography. Additionally, the 3d image can be rendered with a mask that ‘cuts out’ the product from the background and saving money on retouching/post-production.

The more you use CGI, the more cost-effective it can become. All of the product models are saved in an asset library and can be reused, repurposed and re-textured as required for future campaigns.


CGI assets can be used in many ways:

• It’s easy to create clean cut-outs

• You can combine CGI products with other images such as flat lays or room sets.

• Create 360 spins sets

• 3d models can be re-used and amended for future use. Any future render will perfectly match previous renders.


By simply reusing product models and ‘virtual studios’ you can avoid costly re-shoots. Texture changes and new renders can be made in minutes, these will match previous renders without additional retouching.

Product development and early marketing

Some people find it hard to visualise concept sketches or schematics. If the product is in its early stages, photorealistic CGI will help convey your ideas saving costs on physical prototyping.

If you want to get your product to market before it’s manufactured CGI is a perfect solution to create photorealistic images for all of your marketing assets.