Photorealistic CGI

I’ve been creating photorealistic cgi images for many years.  My unique combination of commercial photography expertise, high end CGI software and creative retouching enables me to produce images that match (and often surpass) traditional photographs.

My approach to cgi is identical to that of traditional photography, I compose and light the ‘virtual set’ exactly as I would in the real world.

Using CGI to compliment or as an alternative to photography gives many benefits and is a flexible, cost effective solution.

CGI room sets

CGI is now so photo realistic, it truly is a flexible, cost effective alternative to traditional room-set photography with many benefits:

  • No expensive set building, saving you time and money.
  • CGI sets and digital assets can be added to a library re used making your future cgi images more cost effective.
  • Furnishings and materials can be switched out for complete flexibility.
  • Lighting and camera viewpoint can be changed easily, making the ‘virtual set’ incredibly versatile.
  • Minimal retouching and post production saving time and money
  • Images can be output at any size and resolution allowing them to be multi purposed for print or online use easily.


CGI product shots

We can supply the images you need to start marketing without having to wait for production or have costly prototypes made.

Your images can be output at any size and resolution. All perfectly optimised for online or print ready use.

Images can be supplied in many formats such as layered PSD, JPG, PNG TIF. They can be output with transparency saving you time and money creating paths and cutting out.

Flawless, consistent repeatable images that are vibrant and colour correct without the need of additional retouching.

No Shipping Required For Your Products, you’ll save the time, cost and risk of delivery damage.

I create CGI product photographs that are both flawless and consistent.

The use of professional images is a recognised way to strengthen your brand and improve customer confidence.

Get in touch and let me show you how flexible and cost effective CGI can be.